Santa cruz de Tenerife, Santa cruz de tenerife

How long have you been tattooing since?

Hi, I've only been working for 6 years at a professional level, let's say.

Any special training?

I am a self-taught tattoo artist, since I was very young I liked to draw in class instead of studying. Everything I have learned in this art has been based on observing great artists and doing some seminar on advanced techniques on shading, color ...

How would you explain your style?

I love art, realist tattoo, surrealism. My style is a fusion between both. Cathedrals, animals, skulls ... When I start designing I enter a trance that provokes great designs.

Been to any conventions lately?

If I like to go as a participant and others as an observer. I am currently moving through conventions nationwide. And wanting to participate in the European Conventions. Everything at your pace.

What was your apprenticeship like?

Well today there are many means of learning, on Youtube there are videos explaining almost everything. I learned thanks to my passion for this art and to observe, observe, practice and study. If you want something of heart you can achieve it without a doubt.

Any artists you admire or want to shout out?

There are several artists with whom I started to see this art in a different way. For my Victor Portugal is a great tattoo artist who I could learn a lot. He was the one who taught me let's say the technique of shading, contrasts, black and white .. and then Silvano Fiato great artist that I had the opportunity to meet him on a trip he made to Genova. I was struck by his realism. I would have a long list, but I think those two artists are the ones that have influenced me most in my style.

What advice do you have for people looking to get tattooed?

a tattoo is for life, for me it is important to be clear that important point. Many come without a clear idea of ​​what they want to tattoo. Normally they are left in my hands to guide them and design their tattoo according to their ideas. It is very rewarding that you trust 100% in the work you do.

How'd you get started?

let's say that the world of tattooing has always been within me. Sometimes I think it comes from my past. The day I did my first tattoo I knew that this profession was for me.

What inspires you?

Surrealism inspires me, the images of the dark, the looks, the expressions, the animals, the skulls, the fusion between the realization and the dark. My designs have that touch between the striking and at the same time surreal.

What do you look forward to?

I only make tattoos designed by me. And only my style, realism, photo realism .. I have respect for other styles but what really catches my attention is realism. I do not mind spending hours and hours tattooing a great piece. When you finish it and you see your work, the satisfaction is 200%

Is there anything you've been dying to do?

umm good question! .. I would love to make a big back, a great fusion where beauty and darkness are founded. I have a thousand images that would undoubtedly delight any demanding client. Do you want to donate your back?