Donny Newman

San Francisco, CA

How long have you been tattooing since?


How would you explain your style?

I love doing many different styles. I incorporate Japanese, Art Nouveau, realism as well as traditional techniques in my tattoos; which I think make for very exciting compositions.

Been to any conventions lately?

I work several shows throughout the year. I always post upcoming conversations on my IG: donnynewmantattoos

What was your apprenticeship like?

I apprenticed in Austin, TX where I was lucky enough to learn from very talented people.

Any artists you admire or want to shout out?

Too many to mention, but to name a few:-Filip Leu -Shige -Jeff Gogue -Calle Corson -Marcus Pacheco

What advice do you have for people looking to get tattooed?

I just try to guide my clients along with their ideas, placement and how the tattoo is going to work with their body by itself as well as the body as a whole; while always respecting their expectations. At the end of the day, my clients happiness with their tattoo is all I care about.

How'd you get started?

Like an idiot I gave myself my first tattoo in 8th grade and although I did t start taking it serious until much later...I think even then, the seed was planted.

What inspires you?

Everything. Life, Death, Nature, Space, Animals, Plants, People, Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Fanstasy and Reality.

What do you look forward to?

Anything that a client really lets me be creative with and just have fun; although I feel honored with any tattoo a client graces me with...

Is there anything you've been dying to do?

There are so many animals, plants and little creatures all all kinds of love to tattoo.