frank edwards

Toronto, Ontario

How long have you been tattooing since?


How would you explain your style?

the style of my work is mostly realism black and gray, i like to do portraits mostly that involves family portraits or chicano art or even animal portraits.

Been to any conventions lately?

anything in canada i usally try to attend. Toronto NIXX, Calgary, Ottawa/Gatineau convention

What was your apprenticeship like?

i apprenticed at a shop that is not around anymore downtown Toronto under an amazing artist.

Any artists you admire or want to shout out?

There is so many that I admire. there is something in each artist that I can learn and i try to always get to know that.

What advice do you have for people looking to get tattooed?

to go for something that inspires them and connects with them deep in their heart. and stay away from offensive and criminal tattoos.

How'd you get started?

I got into tattooing growing up as a troubled kid, I wanted to express myself in a way that mattered and to share my talent. I used to draw all the time and take it to tattoo shops for them to look at, I even used to draw on my arm and try to create a cool sleeve design. It took me a while to find a shop that grew to like me but I guess they felt bad for me and didn't want me causing anymore trouble. my apprenticeship was quite long but I learned a lot that was necessary in order to respect the industry and learn its history and roots.

What inspires you?

what inspires me as an artists Is seeing the smile on my client's face, that is priceless. I like the feeling that i can make a difference in their day.

What do you look forward to?

I love doing family portrait tattoos. Its always an emotional time and an opportunity for me to give the family a relief or a memory that will last for a life time, I love to make a difference in people's lives through my art.

Is there anything you've been dying to do?

i would love to do a portrait tattoo of the legend bob tyrrell