Paul Talbot

Birmingham, Worcestershire

How long have you been tattooing since?

After a few false starts, frustrations and chance meetings I finally started tattooing professionally in 2010.

How would you explain your style?

Yeah..! What is it?Karma.Punk Collages on Human Skin. TrashPolka With an English Accent. Re-examining Bits and Pieces of What’s Been Discarded in the Haste of the Late 20th Century and Sticking Them Together. Stills from a Postmodern Science-Fiction Movie Set Ten Minutes in The Future. Global Slang for The Common Man. Pornography for Plutocrats.The Myth, and the Religion of Design Or Die. Talent Borrows, Genius Steals. Hi-Tech Piracy. Customised and Collaged.That..! Is What it is!

Been to any conventions lately?

London Brighton

What advice do you have for people looking to get tattooed?

Do your research, pick the right artist for you, find out their process, work with them in the way they need you to to create an amazing piece and enjoy the journey!

How'd you get started?

I'm from a small market town in the midlands (uk) so my introduction to tattooing was a small street shop near where I grew up. It was pretty typical of the time; run by bikers, dog eared sheets of A4 flash all over the walls and that unmistakeable smell of Dettol hanging in the air amongst the stale cigarette smoke!My best mate was getting a tattoo there and had asked me to go along with him because he wanted a design from an album cover and had got me to draw it. I'd always been known as 'the kid that could could draw' amongst my friends - I was the one that painted everyone's leather jackets, motorbike helmets and so on. So creating a line drawing was pretty straightforward.Anyway, when we presented this (not very clean) line drawing conversation turned to 'who did this?' and the answer (me) led to me drawing a few designs for the guy (horrible things that looked like bad heavy metal band album covers!) in return for him showing me the basics of tattooing but before I really got beyond the basics my band signed a record deal with a small British indie label so I left to become a rockstar!

What inspires you?

I’m inspired mostly by designers and musicians so: Carson, Brody, Emigre, The Designers Republic, Kate Bush, Sonic Youth, The Supersuckers, Kiss etc etc