Brittany arizona

Lady tattooer, traveler, lover of all things outdoors! I enjoy hiking and finding new adventures!

How many tattoos do you have?


Any you'd like to share specifics on?

I think tattoos should be fun! I think everyone should have at least one funny tattoo with a good story!

What's your favorite tattoo?

My favorite tattoo is a burning pentagram bra on my leg! It was an impulse tattoo (like most of them!) I just love the style it was done in as well as the symbolism of rebellion it represents for me!

What was your first tattoo, and is there a story behind it?

My first tattoo was a galaxy on my arm, in high school I was in love with astronomy and wanted to show off my interest in it! Took about 3 hours, but I sat like a champ!

Any idea what you'll get next?

My next endeavor is to start my left arm sleeve, will do complete outline in first session, will include a lantern, tattoo iron, pinecones and leaves.